Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

YKK Thailand Code of Conduct

YKK Group has established the YKK Group Code of Conduct that sets the scopes of behavior of which YKK Group employees in all countries and regions should be aware. We, as employees and workers of YKK Thailand, pledge to always maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our work for YKK Group and we will take whatever steps necessary to fully comply with YKK Group Code of Conduct.


We always comply with laws, regulations, and our internal rules, and are committed to responding to societal demands.

  • Compliance
    In every aspect of the performance of our work duties, we comply with our internal rules and the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we undertake business activities and respond to societal demands.
  • Understanding compliance requirements
    We always perform our work duties with an understanding and awareness of the latest laws and regulations, internal rules, and societal demands, and strive to learn about these through training and other means.
  • Fair and good-faith conduct
    We base our business activities on fairness, always act in good faith, promptly report any issues or concerns, and take corrective and preventive measures. Also, based on laws, regulations, and internal rules, we work to ensure that reporters of such issues are not subject to any disadvantageous treatment.

Fair Operating Practices

We build relationships based on trust in order to maintain a fair and healthy relationship with society and ensure our mutual prosperity.

  • Relationships of trust with business partners
    In order to fulfil our social responsibilities throughout our entire supply chain, we look for sociably responsible conduct in our business partners, select suppliers based on purchase conditions, and build fair business relationships based on trust.
  • Compliance with competition laws and regulations
    We always comply with laws and regulations governing competition, and engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and business dealings.
  • Opposition to bribery and corruption
    We do not engage in bribery or commit any acts of corruption whatsoever in any of our dealings with public officials and the private sector, either directly or through third parties.
  • Refusal to engage with antisocial forces
    We have no relationship whatsoever with antisocial forces that threaten the social order and the healthy activities of companies. We resolutely and steadfastly refuse to accede to any requests for contributions to such forces.
  • Proper use of intellectual property rights
    We appropriately maintain and use our own intellectual property rights, and continuously undertake the necessary management and improvements to prevent infringement of the intellectual property rights of other companies.
  • Management and use of assets and information
    In accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules, we endeavor to manage and protect company assets, confidential information, and personal information, and appropriately handle the assets and information of third parties. As well, we establish rules for the management of information, undertake appropriate management and make continuous improvements, and strive to maintain and improve information security.
  • Disclosure of information
    In accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules, we disclose information to stakeholders in a fair, timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand manner, strive for constructive dialogue, and fulfill our accountability responsibilities in a transparent manner.
  • Proper accounting and tax processing
    In accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules, we carry out proper accounting and tax processing procedures.
  • Prohibitions on conflicts of interest
    We make the distinction between public and private clear in our duties, and do not engage in actions that conflict with the company’s interests.

Respect for Human Rights

As a company that develops its business on a global scale, we respect the human rights, character, and individuality of people involved in our business activities and all members of our communities and societies.

  • Prohibitions on child labor and forced labor
    We do not employ children below the legal working age stipulated by the countries in which we operate. As well, we do not tolerate, in any form whatsoever, labor that is forcibly demanded against the will of individuals.
  • Prohibitions on discrimination, harassment, and abuse
    In our business activities, we do not tolerate any kind of threatening behavior or any acts that infringe on human rights, including discrimination, bullying, and physical, sexual, or psychological abuse or harassment.
  • Respect for the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    We respect the basic rights of employees, which include the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Understanding of customs and compliance with laws and regulations
    We strive to understand the customs of all countries and regions in which we conduct business activities and comply with labor-related laws and regulations.
  • Respect for diversity
    We promote diversity management and respect diversity of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, thought, creed, sex, age, physical characteristics, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. As well, we build systems and environments that enable diverse human resources to fully express their abilities.

Harmony with the Environment

We strive to coexist in harmony with the environment and contribute to society.

  • Building and operating environmental management systems
    We build environmental management systems, comply with the requirements of applicable environmental laws, regulations, and rules, and reduce our environmental impact through all our business activities, including product development, manufacturing, sales, and waste disposal.
  • Responding to climate change
    As a response to climate change, we pursue energy conservation initiatives to reduce the amount of energy we use in business activities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing renewable energy use.
  • Resource use
    As a manufacturing company, we strive to develop and sell products intended to maintain a sustainable use of resources, and to promote the efficient use of resources through new technological innovations in manufacturing.
  • Sustainable use of water
    Water is an important shared community resource. As a member of local communities, we strive to optimize water uptake and drainage so that water can be used in sustainable manner.
  • Coexistence with nature
    Our goal is to coexist with nature. Through proper use, storage, and treatment, we minimize the impact on the natural environment of the chemical substances we use, and conserve ecosystems through activities such as maintaining green spaces and planting trees.

Health and Safety

We create workplace environments that are easy to work in and enable full employee participation.

  • Promoting safe and secure workplace environments
    We strive to minimize all workplace risks and work to build safe and secure workplace environments. As well, we provide environments in which all employees can continue to work in good physical and mental health.
  • Raising safety awareness
    We raise safety awareness through training and other means.
  • Building and operating worker health and safety management systems
    We build worker health and safety management systems, comply with the requirements of applicable worker health and safety laws, regulations, and rules, and work to prevent the occurrence of workplace accidents.
  • Fire and disaster prevention measures
    We implement thorough fire and disaster prevention measures, always giving first priority to human life.

Product Quality and Safety

We place great importance on Trust with our customers and provide safe and secure products and services with a Commitment to quality.

  • Value creation backed by technology
    In order to provide new value that meets the needs of customers and society, we engage in manufacturing in which we apply ingenuity and inventiveness to all processes, from research and development to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. As well, we commit ourselves to pursuing quality and safety.
  • Traceability
    We forge links with business partners and work to ensure transparency and traceability throughout our supply chains.

Contributing to Communities

In order to grow together with local communities and continue to be a company that is loved by every generation, we actively engage in actions that contribute to international society through our business activities.

  • Social contribution activities
    We contribute to the development of regions through our business activities, and as a member of local communities, we engage in social contribution activities, such as support for international exchanges, and education and regional revitalization that make the most of local characteristics.
  • Representing our company through sponsorship and/or external events
    We must always maintain professionalism in our representation and/or participation in any sponsorship and/or external event and activity, for and on behalf of YKK Group. We are responsible to protect the company’s image and reputation. We understand that any adverse behaviour and/or application of the company’s name/ logo/marks may result in reputational risk or damage to YKK Thailand and YKK Group. We shall consult with Branding and Legal Department when in doubt for clarity.